IS IT OVER ALREADY?! (Minecraft Hardcore)

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idid he die already?

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Insanitywolf136 Pirms dienas
throws away moss - hermitcraft is in pain
x villan x
x villan x Pirms 2 dienām
The rarist aksolotl is the blue and gold one
Deccy150 Pirms 3 dienām
I got a brown axolotl a few months ago and I built a pen with a pond and rocks and things, went and found a village and looted it, came back 3 days later and it was dead
Jake Gaming
Jake Gaming Pirms 3 dienām
UWU Pirms 5 dienām
Was ur seed
Dr coomer
Dr coomer Pirms 5 dienām
Is That the song from up
The PM familia
The PM familia Pirms 5 dienām
When you get a different house you can put the axolotl under your house with glass as the floor
Abd THE Gamer
Abd THE Gamer Pirms 5 dienām
17:05 his nose is so smooth 🤣
Abril Pirms 5 dienām
Why is Dan's eyes of that a grumpy cat? 15:38
Isaac Roan
Isaac Roan Pirms 7 dienām
He should make a raid farm so that the liability can stay still forever 😏
Isaac Roan
Isaac Roan Pirms 7 dienām
Dan is rlly lucky, he found a screaming goat
Riley McGee
Riley McGee Pirms 7 dienām
SCM88’s Art
SCM88’s Art Pirms 7 dienām
*Sea temple*
Aotearoa Gathering
Aotearoa Gathering Pirms 8 dienām
Oh I thought you said it is over already not is it over already
Gacha Dragon
Gacha Dragon Pirms 8 dienām
Oh, Oh! Oh… Lol
Kaylee Marie
Kaylee Marie Pirms 8 dienām
When he said we’re not going that way what was that???
Jazzie Noodle
Jazzie Noodle Pirms 8 dienām
Dan: * goes underwater * Dr. Tray: "Yea, sure! I'll come with."
Savillozz Pirms 8 dienām
The golden axolotl was the best part
will fish
will fish Pirms 8 dienām
he should build a gold farm
the aadi show
the aadi show Pirms 11 dienām
hey, dan I just want to say making your videos made me make a channel and it helped a lot and this video inspired me to make a series that actually got one of my most viewed videos! So not sure if you read the comment but thanks for being a great youtube! :)
a guy
a guy Pirms 12 dienām
Dan asks to subscribe Me: don’t worry Dan I’ve been here since the Pac-Man video
Airo_PH Pirms 12 dienām
Speaking of villager you have 5 sec. to cure the villager when it turned to zombie?
Soham Kapil
Soham Kapil Pirms 13 dienām
Bro I dunno how this guy is surviving hardcore Minecraft :o
Mylo turnbull
Mylo turnbull Pirms 14 dienām
Dan: goats are cute (Litry 2 seconds later) Dan: I HATE GOATS
Pinkleaf_proson Pirms 14 dienām
Full blue baby axolotal is the rarest (not the cyan and white)
Skylar Akut
Skylar Akut Pirms 14 dienām
Pirms 15 dienām
imagine when dan spawned on a mountain and instantly died
Laura B.
Laura B. Pirms 16 dienām
Make A Treehouse
Haven Catron
Haven Catron Pirms 16 dienām
may I recommend a game called valorant
Nex Ang
Nex Ang Pirms 17 dienām
Oh... Oh! Oh :/
Ahmad Awami sup
Ahmad Awami sup Pirms 18 dienām
Blue is the rarest
꧁Cocoa The Wolf꧂
꧁Cocoa The Wolf꧂ Pirms 18 dienām
You can put slabs on the edges of a water pool so that the axolotl won’t be able to get out but the player still can
Yoake -
Yoake - Pirms 21 dienas
'I want to improve on my building skills' Dan, you said that on Diamond Dimensions, too. And look where that go you...
Aussie Reef
Aussie Reef Pirms 21 dienas
u have a shiny nose……
EmK Plays
EmK Plays Pirms 21 dienas
Hey Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You should notice this comment) Sooooo Mr Dan. I only have one this to say. Endigo cursed you. You should watch his video.
Logie_bogie12 -
Logie_bogie12 - Pirms 21 dienas
Krsna Anand Devnani
Krsna Anand Devnani Pirms 22 dienām
i just wanna say THANKS for making my childhood goated! Love You, keep the grind going.
BOB BISKET Pirms 22 dienām
The mossssssssss why
Razerwork Pirms 22 dienām
Dan realizing he’s now a Minecraft father as well
* Футбольчик *
* Футбольчик * Pirms 22 dienām
cyraptor07 YT
cyraptor07 YT Pirms 23 dienām
Anyone else thought about dr trayarus when you heard about the villager?
DjMoonElf Pirms 23 dienām
Can you tell us the Seed cuz I wanna play this Seed with mah Bff!
Harpers Gaming
Harpers Gaming Pirms 23 dienām
my OCD thanks you for making the vid exactly 20 mins long
Leonardo.A.Gollop Pirms 23 dienām
The reason the water is sloped is because there isn't a corner block
ShadowyMigchamp Pirms 23 dienām
the villager is basically an enderman with the body of a human able to teleport to dan but almost kills himself.
Thewildpanther Pirms 23 dienām
Please name the village or. Trey Oris there some thing
Milkyas Shumet
Milkyas Shumet Pirms 23 dienām
me: plays warzone on my old crappy pc with intel hd 3000 graphics card DanTDM: plays minecraft on rtx 3080
Armahegon Pirms 23 dienām
Man this villager is stupid
GunTheGoldMiner Pirms 23 dienām
You can make him your slave 😈
SwellsXC Pirms 24 dienām
DANNNN look you should have a limit to how many times you can use the Emerald to make him stop to make it harder and to balance it so it’s not op. So for example for the whole series I’d say about 57 stops until you can anymore. But it’s up to you just an idea😂👍
dean oh
dean oh Pirms 24 dienām
Just break the bed in the house then place a bed in the cage THEN place ur bed
CPJ Plays
CPJ Plays Pirms 24 dienām
No matter how old I get Dan will never get old because of how long I have watched
ShulkZ Pirms 25 dienām
16:05 why is it 6 trapdoors? It's normally 2 LOL
BodyICE Pirms 25 dienām
Blue is reared
BodyICE Pirms 25 dienām
Rafael Davitt
Rafael Davitt Pirms 26 dienām
Not me who noticed the super mario 3D for the Wii u theme track towards the end
baggyandbarp Pirms 26 dienām
I wonder who’s going to die in this series……..
Barbara Michel
Barbara Michel Pirms 26 dienām
When is shaddy ok smp going
RageYoutube Pirms 26 dienām
Oooh OH oh ~ DanTDM 2021
Little Big Gaming
Little Big Gaming Pirms 26 dienām
I just realised if you go to the end what if he teleports on the crystal
SUP2MGY Pirms 27 dienām
how 4:26
Roseliand Pirms 27 dienām
This way looks safest "famous last words"
skye Pirms 27 dienām
I've been watching since 10k and last time i watched u it was 10mil and now 25mil omg
Angelo YT
Angelo YT Pirms 27 dienām
fun fact: you can put him on a boat and he will not move anywere
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo Pirms 27 dienām
name the axolotl butter :)
Pirms 28 dienām
Instead of putting slabs around the tank you could put trapdoors under
Not A RickRoll
Not A RickRoll Pirms 28 dienām
"Accidentally places glass trying to open furnace"
ThunderHawk 6989
ThunderHawk 6989 Pirms 28 dienām
Hello I am new here
Bella Angeles
Bella Angeles Pirms 28 dienām
Make a mossblock playground for your cute friend
LazyArham Pirms 28 dienām
Dan you could add a mod which changes the brown coat to white
Kirby Pirms 28 dienām
For who didn’t know on Java edition the color of the axolotl appears on the bucket. On bedrock it appears pink.
Zeekils Pirms 28 dienām
Treayaurus .Jr
Mark Louis
Mark Louis Pirms 28 dienām
Dan : the light pink axolotl is the rarest Minecraft experts : he's a dumm*** in minecraft.
The Pizzafoogle
The Pizzafoogle Pirms 28 dienām
My boi dan using Stardew Valley music at the end
Dominic Roffey
Dominic Roffey Pirms 28 dienām
Dr trayurus
Stormyskitten 2
Stormyskitten 2 Pirms 28 dienām
Dan what happened to A Hat in Time???
Soarhawk Pirms 28 dienām
This is real content compared to the garbage dream series
pixel_duck Pirms 29 dienām
Dan did you know that there is actually more rarer then a golden axolotl the most rares is.... The blue sparkling axolotl 😎
pixel_duck Pirms 29 dienām
And also its the most rarely found axolotl in minecraft! Btw its the new rare creature that is new!😃
The Dragon King 1011
The Dragon King 1011 Pirms 29 dienām
moon rises in the east?
literally a moose
literally a moose Pirms 29 dienām
I'm so sad because minecraft hasn't been working for me for 4 months and I just realized I cant play minecraft for the rest of my life and I just wanted to see the 1.17 update..
literally a moose
literally a moose Pirms 29 dienām
I go into singleplayer, it says saving world, IT CRASHES
R3D R0ZeZ Pirms 29 dienām
In order to fill the corners, the water source block has to be placed in the corners. Or for peanut brains, water place in corner kill slope :)
Kai Yendo
Kai Yendo Pirms 29 dienām
It sad that the villager was not Dr. Trayaurus he will be missed
Ustain Pirms 29 dienām
I'm 11 and I've been watching you're channel for almost half my life u made my childhood ty Dan
a day in the life of Levi
a day in the life of Levi Pirms 29 dienām
what about more tdm
Epix_Gamer72 Pirms 29 dienām
I tried to capture an axolotl today but I couldn’t and I even tried to get him even though I saw diamonds. I tried to save him, but he died to lava 😢 Yes, after he died I did get the diamonds
zack hancock
zack hancock Pirms 29 dienām
pressed dislike to make it 690 sorry but it was nessesary
Sarah Otto
Sarah Otto Pirms 29 dienām
ChaseTheCheetah Pirms 29 dienām
The rarest axolotl is the blue one
Louis Lacey
Louis Lacey Pirms 29 dienām
These hard cores are good.
oscar hearn
oscar hearn Pirms Mēneša
Dan really needs to tell us this seed
Axolotl Moment
Axolotl Moment Pirms Mēneša
Axolotl moment. I aprove of the axolotl’s home. Btw you don’t need to “take care” of it. Also you should add a slab or something so the axolotl doesn’t get out.
The Bean Boy
The Bean Boy Pirms Mēneša
This is the origin of DR.Trayaurus
Thegoodgamerboi Pirms Mēneša
Trevor Mann
Trevor Mann Pirms Mēneša
5:06 I don't need the moss! Me: ...... :l
faria Hariri
faria Hariri Pirms Mēneša
Daniel...sea temple is better...AND WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT HIM!?
BrbDan Pirms Mēneša
private vid in playlist????????????????? jk i dont care
fritz2k Pirms Mēneša
Dan You might wanna remove the Replay mod "Recording Button" in the Settings
Paul Etes
Paul Etes Pirms Mēneša
All the axolotls are the same rarity except the cyan one the cyan one is the rarest.
Mid Pirms Mēneša
It's been 5 years mate.
Mid Pirms Mēneša
It's been a long time Dan. Love the videos
dreadmask197 Pirms Mēneša
R U abandoning trayaurus?!? FOR ANOTHER VILLAGER
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